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Moonlight Wolf Safari At Skansen

Wolf Photo:Skansen
Wolf Photo:Skansen

The outdoor museum and zoo Skansen in Stockholm offers exclusive guided visits to the wolves after closing time. During autumn and wintertime, when it is dark, meet with your guide and walk in the light of a flash lamp to the wolf park. Is he out tonight looking for food? Maybe you hear the wolf howl?

One of the expert at Skansen will give a lecture about the wolf and its behavior.  The activity should be conducted in the evenings during the darker period of the year, appropriate from October to February.

Wolves were common throughout Sweden until the middle of the 19th century when they began to be hunted intensively. Wolves today are found primarily in the forests of central Sweden.

There are something like 60 different animal species in the Skansen Zoo, the main emphasis being on Scandinavian fauna, which is represented by Nordic wild animals such as the brown bear, elk, wolverine, lynx and seal.

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