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Meet, Dine And Have Fun Inside A Mountain

Fancy Cloak-Rooms

Been there – done that? Well, this is new! The hostel owner bought the secret situation room from the Swedish military and became owner to a unique two-floor building, hidden inside the rocky mountain in Alingsås, near Göteborg. Together with his wife he turned it to a very unique restaurant and meeting venue, called the ”The Lion’s Den”.
Curt Carlsson is a true entrepreneur. Five years ago he became aware of the sale of the big hall rooms inside the mountain and the dream was born. His wife Ingela also supported this crazy idea (as they say..). November 18th will be opening day for their dream to come true.

” The Lion’s Den”
The entrance to the cave rooms is small and insignificant, and nothing reveals what lies behind the little door.  First you have to pass a 70 metres tiled tunnel with ten crystal chandeliers to light up you way.
The walls are partly of concrete, and primary rock. These will be used for art. Decorated cloakrooms are also available at the entrance. At the back behind a nifty large forging gate is a larger room with a round-table for twenty guests near the wine cellar.
Connected to the dining room there is a two-floor building opening up after we have passed a couple of smaller galleries. The house has a large room of about 150 square meters. Two huge Chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling.  Beautiful parquet oak covers the floor and several tables along the sides.
The next step will be to build the hotel just outside the entrance. But the first activities inside “The Lion’s Den” will be the Christmas Buffet now coming up. Her is a link to more attractions in Alingsås.

Fancy Cloak-Rooms[/caption]

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