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Malmö Host Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Today one of the most awaited moments of this year has arrived – it’s time to reveal who will host the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. The Host Broadcaster, Swedish SVT, announced that it’ll be… Malmö to be the home of the contest 14-18 May in 2013!

Malmö is also a part of the greater Copenhagen area with 3.6 million people living within a one-hour travelling distance, improved communications with the largest airport in Scandinavia (Copenhagen Airport). The Arena is located in Hyllie, which makes it easy for anyone to access it. Buses and trains run all the time with 5 minutes from the central station in Malmö. Trains from Copenhagen go every 10 minutes during rush hour and take 11 minutes from the Arena to the airport. Only a step away the southern region Skåne will offer a wide range of cultural and nature experiences for those who want to spend some days more in Scandinavia and Sweden.

If  your hotels are fully book (which they probably are today in Malmö then there are several possibilites in the nearby cities as e.g Lund and Helsingborg.

Malmö Arena





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