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Lucia – Queen of Light Event December 13

The first Swedish Lucia Day was declared in Stockholm in 1927. Today, Lucia is celebrated at home, in daycare centers, and in schools on the morning of December 13. Lucia and her bridesmaids sing Christmas and Lucia songs in old-age homes and hospitals. Even the Nobel Prize winners at the Grand Hôtel are awakened with song on that morning. Lucia is the time for eating “lusse katter,” a kind of saffron-flavoured bun. Lucia is dressed in a white ankle-length chemise with a red sash around the waist and on her head she carries a garland of lingonberry sprigs with lighted candles. The Lucia garland is meant to remind us of the glory of the original Saint Lucia of Sicily. In Skansen,  Lucia and her bridesmaids come to Skansen in procession at 6 pm.

The Cathedral of Stockholm in the Old Town and many other churches hold Lucia concerts in the morning and evening. A Lucia concert that has become very popular over the years will be held at the Globe Arena . At these concerts 1000 singing children and teens take over the Globe and sing the songs of Lucia and Christmas. More about and church concerts.

Also the companies will have their own Lucia celebrations early in the morning before working hours on the 13th. For some of the (un)happy employees it is the end of a master challenge to learn how to sing and act  in a Lucia Choir in front of their fellow colleagues. For an incentive or team building activity this is probably more bravely than to climb mountains..

For me I love the magic atmosphere that is created all around Sweden these days.

Photos: Richard Ryan – Stockholm Visitors Board

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