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Icehotel To Open One Month Early

Photo: Arne Bergh

Over the past twenty years, ICEHOTEL in Sweden has opened in early December. But thanks to new construction technique, the world’s largest hotel of snow and ice will for the first time open up for guests already in mid November – a month earlier than previous winter seasons.

ICEHOTEL, the world’s largest hotel built of ice and snow, can for the first time in history welcome its guests to Jukkasjärvi already in November, a month earlier than usually.
The building process usually starts by the end of November. The early opening has been made possible thanks to a new, never tried before, building technology with prefabricated parts. These walls and arches have been stored during the summer months in one of the storage halls. In late October the building team began to assemble the parts at the Icehotel construction site.
Since then, the construction has continued beyond expectations. Visitors can already see the contours of the entrance and parts of the Main Hall,  and ice rooms.
Corporate guests,  will be the first ones to stay the night in the 21st ICEHOTEL. Other guests will be arriving on December 10th.

More than 50 people – ice and snow sculptors, tractor drivers, electricians, lighting designers and others – are involved in building the hotel Almost 50 artists from, for example, Japan, Bulgaria, US, UK, Italy, Russia and Sweden will also contribute to make sure that 2010/2011 will exceed everyone’s expectations. The first group of artists will arrive on November 23rd and stay until December 10th. The second group will be on site working on their suites between November 29th and December 16th.
The inauguration of ICEHOTEL 2010/2011 will be on the 10th of December. This year, the 6 000 square foot building will consist of sixty guest rooms, including Art suites, Ice rooms and Snow rooms. According to tradition, the Ice Church will open the day before the Christmas holidays. This years design is inspired by Swedish medieval churches.

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