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Gourmet Golf in Skåne

At 4 tee you only have a chip to the sea. A warm summerday lot of sun bathing people will be you audience. Cross the sea you will have a glimps of Denmark and the island of astronomy, Ven. Rya Golf Course just south of Helsingborg offers a breathtaking view so even if you have to wait a while, at hole 16 it does not matter.

Msrgaretetorp Inn In south of Sweden you can play golf almost all year around. It a causal and pleasant way to meet new and old business friend. After a challenging and relaxing round the gourmet restaurants await you.This region is beside a paradise for golfer also known as the culinary capital of Sweden. Smörgåsbord at Margaretetorps InnBut then that is how it is. You get hungry at the golf course and should be rewarded. You will be surrounded by old castles, small country inns and trend restaurants hoping to fulfil your gourmet taste.

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