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Gay Travel in Stockholm and Copenhagen

Richard Ryan - Stockholm Visitors BoardSAS, Scandinavian Airlines launches a new website providing tips from its own gay crew about the best that Stockholm and Copenhagen has to offer.

From the website you can download a brochure with all the tip you need to find the best spots to visit. Here is veritable hot bed of information for the gay traveller, the new site includes gay beaches and bars, exclusive gay events, as well as a gay map. Invaluable insider tips include the best cruising packages.

In late July the popular Stockholm Pride kicks off again, this time also hosting EuroPride. This year it is Stockholm Pride’s 10 year anniversary, which was first launched back in 1998 when Stockholm hosted EuroPride for the first time. This time Pride will be bigger and better than ever. Around 500,000 watch the parade every year, which is one third of Greater Stockholm’s population!

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