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Garden Tour In Northwestern Skåne

Decor Garden 2007Damm garden ÄngelholmThis time of year there is an event behind every corner. It is not easy to pick one out but still I would like to highlight the garden tour in North-western Skane. Within only an hours drive from Copenhagen you will find the most astonishing private gardens to visit and to get inspiration. Next weekend June 6th-8th the owners will reveal their hidden gems and hard work to the public.

Garden Relax ÄngelholmGarden ÄngelholmHere you will be able to download a map to  Visit Private Garden tour in Northwest Skåne. More than 75 private gardens will open for visitors during one weekend. Experience beautiful romantic gardens, hidden gnomes, wild flower design or a relaxing composition for just a little break. This year the private garden of Ulla Mohlin in Höganäs will be opened for the weekend. Here I found some pictures at a garden blog.

Travel Gate Sweden is an Incoming Tour Operator for Sweden, located in Northwestern Skane.

For garden tour packages contact us – here is one; Dream Garden  Tour for groups!

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