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Frozen Midsummer Experience In Stockholm

Cool ICE bar in Stockholm As every Swede knows, Midsummer can be a little chilly. Now Stockholm’s coolest bar can guarantee a really cold Midsummer – -5˚C all weekend long, to be precise.
From 24 to 26 June, the ICEbar in Stockholm will be hosting unusual – and rather cool – Midsummer celebrations. The ice bar will be decorated with frozen Swedish summer flowers, there will be a maypole, and guests will be able to drink refreshing elderflower and strawberry Midsummer drinks from ice glasses. This is that extra twist to transform  Swedish traditions into something quite extraordinary.
The ice bar will be open throughout the Midsummer weekend, from 11:15 until 01:00 on Friday and Saturday, and from 11:15 until midnight on Sunday. Entry costs SEK 190 when booked in advance, and includes the loan of a warm cape and gloves, as well as a drink of your choice from our drinks menu, served in an ice glass.  Check out chilly Midsummer at Facebook.

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