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Roadtrip in Ikea’s footsteps

Skärhamn - a beautiful place a name used by IKEA

A lot of IKEA’s products are named after places in Sweden. That’s a nice detail for a Swedish company, but it has caused a great deal of misunderstanding. Today, millions of people think that Bolmen is just a toilet brush.

And if you search for Järvfjället, all you’ll find are pictures of gaming chairs. It’s time the world know that these names belong to wonderful places in Sweden.

Places just waiting to be explored.
21 Places Reclaimed by Sweden:

Bolmen, a large lake in the Småland region of southern Sweden (toilet brush)
Järvfjället, a mountain in Swedish Lapland (gaming chair)
Ektorp, a suburb of Stockholm (sofa)
Skärhamn, a fishing village on the island of Tjörn off the coast of West Sweden (door handle)

Stubbarp, a manor house in the Skåne region of southern Sweden (cabinet legs)
Kallax, a coastal village near Luleå in Swedish Lapland (storage shelf)
Höljes, one of the most sparsely populated areas in Sweden, a forest in the Värmland region (pendant lamp)
Hemsjö, a village in the Blekinge region (block candle)
Toftan, a lake in the Dalarna region (waste bin)
Mästerby, an historical battleground on the island of Gotland (a step stool)
Voxnan, a river with waterfalls and rapids in the Hälsingland region (shower shelf)

Himleån, ravines in the Halland region (bath towel)
Laxviken, a rural village in the Jämtland Härjedalen region (cabinet door)
Ingatorp, A village where you´ll find one of Sweden’s oldest wooden buildings, in the Småland region (extendable table)

Misterhult, an archipelago of 2,000 islands near Kalmar in the Småland region (a bamboo lamp)
Vrena, a village near the east coast in the Sörmland region (countertop)
Björksta, a village close to the university town of Uppsala (picture with frame)
Norberg, a small town in Västmanland region (folding table)

Askersund, a small town near Örebro in central Sweden (cabinet door)
Rimforsa, a small village in the Östergötland region of east Sweden (work bench)
Bodviken, a mountain lake in the UNESCO World heritage area of the High Coast in northern Sweden (washbasin)

Since Ingvar Kamprad began his career selling pens and matches in the southern Swedish province of Småland in 1943, IKEA has become one of Sweden’s most successful companies and one of our most iconic brands – with a natural place in homes around the world. To highlight this unique journey, IKEA Museum in Älmhult is being relaunched with two new exhibitions.

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