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Floating Meeting Hotel Near Gothenburg

Klädesholmen Island near Gothenburg
Klädesholmen Island near Gothenburg

Sweden’s first floating hotel, with the distinction of being labeled as real estate property, is under construction and will soon be seen on the Klädesholmen, near Gothenburg in Sweden waterfront. Susanne and Patrick Hermansson, local owners of the Salt and Sill Restaurant, are behind this project. After nine years of restaurant ownership, they decided to expand by opening a hotel. The island, which is densely packed with homes and businesses, leaves little room for expansion, so the Hermanssons are locating their hotel on pontoons on the waterfront.

The new hotel, with 23 rooms, is being built in modules and will be towed to Klädesholmen this summer (2008). It will be anchored outside the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant is undergoing expansion for accommodation of small conferences and meetings. With these improvements, the Hermanssons plan to extend their tourist season from a summer operation to a full- year tourist destination.

The official opening of the hotel is planned for October 2008.

Distance from Gothenburg, Sweden: 70 km/44 miles

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