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Experience The Essence Of The Nordic Cuisine

Now we can offer new culinary experiences to our visitors in the Copenhagen region! Do you believe that the best way to experience and sense the Nordic Cuisine is through competent guidance and hands-on cooking? We do so at an appropriate and down -to-earth level that provides you with enough skills to implement it in your everyday
cooking back home.

We can offer the following classes:

1. Nordic Inspiration: Join an inspiring class and experience the essence of the Nordic cuisine. This class will teach you about fresh seasonable Nordic commodities and how to use these in delicious dishes. Finally we will talks about the development of the Danish and Nordic food culture. Be prepared for an inspiring and tasty hands-on experience!

2. Nordic Baked Goods: Baking is essential in Nordic cooking. Experience different Nordic cereal varieties and their usage in the Nordic cuisine. This class will teach you how to make delicious Nordic breads and cakes. Finally we will talk about the Nordic food culture while we enjoy the freshly baked goods!

3. Fruit & Veggies of the North: The range of Nordic fruits and veggies are rich and diverse due to our cool climate and seasonal variation. Join this inspiring class and learn how to use the seasonal fruits and vegetables in delicious Nordic dishes.


All classes are carried out in nice, clean and welcoming facilities in central Copenhagen. For more information please contact Travel Gate Sweden:

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