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Local Food Experience in Skåne

Come along for a different local food experience in Skåne an eel feast in Åhus. During an unforgettable holiday we eat at Tvillingabodens culinary, cooking eels and enjoying Österlens slumbering fall idyll. Sitting in the dark at the beach in candle lights in this old setting gives a magic atmosphere. The traditional troubadour leads the songs.

A true eel feast consists of at least four different kinds of eel, for example luad eel, boiled eel, smoked eel, and fried eel. Eel fisherman Hans-Inge Olofsson is a third generation eel fisherman and together with his life partner Maria Blombärg he invites you to an eel feast in their picturesque little hut with an ocean view. They know many exciting recipes for ways that one can prepare eel.

Even those who normally have a hard time with eel love their luad eel with coarse bread and seed-spiced cheese. As Hans-Inge himself likes to say, “When they have tried luad eel I have them hooked.”
The eel feast has been around since the end of the 1800s, when village men would rent space at the house of eel fishermen. They stayed overnight in the eel house and were invited to eel and snaps. You have to take your own alcohol with you which is also unique when you go out for dinner. As Maria said” this is not a restaurant this is a culture heritage”. Arrangement for the evening is often made for international visitors and there is no problem with language. We speak six languages, Maria says, so the old stories will be properly translated.

You can stay at a cosy location in the cigar king’s old residence or in the old inn at the harbour Åhus Gästgivaregård, also near the Absolut Company. The conference hotel Åhusstrand has eel parties every evening at the beach with more than one hundred people to sing-a-long and enjoy the atmosphere.

Åhus is truly idyllic with cross-timbered houses along narrow winding streets. Here you find one of our land’s most beautiful old squares with a history from the Middle Ages. At that time Åhus was the seat of the Archbishop. Here lived well-off bourgeois, hard-living knaves, widely feared ship masters and learned monks. Today Åhus is a relaxed oasis in the Skåne east coast.

Besides eel devote your holiday to your own activities. Take a look at Bäckaskogs castle, Stenshuvud Nature Reserve or shopping in the mall in Kristianstad. Why not take a walk along with some of Åhus kilometre-long beaches. The trail around the lake Ivösjön and to the giant rock in Kjugekull is also worth a visit.

For those who like the green sport of golf, summer greens is not far away,
Kristianstad GK is ranked Top Ten in Sweden. Golf and Eel is a common package!

Contact bma @ for more information (recipe for luad eel perhaps?) and tour arrangements. Here is a link to more culinary experiences.

Distance from Copenhagen: Approx 150 km

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