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Excursion To Möns Klint Near Copenhagen

We visited the incredible natural wonder, the cliffs of Möns Klint near Copenhagen. These white chalk cliffs thickly covered with dark green trees extend over several kilometres and dominate the sea from a height of 128m at their highest point. You can either follow the hiking trail on the top of the cliffs or walk down the 200 steps to the beach!

The giant sand dunes were formed when glacial deposits were eroded by the sea. Several paths lead through the woods to the cliff edge, affording impressive views. Be sure to choose the right path to avoid the steepest sections. The area is well organised for visitors and as long as you stick to the map, you will not get lost. We didn’t have the map the first day so after a few hundred meters we decided to follow the path through the forest instead. It was here we met with the deer family, and caught them on video.

We stayed the night at Liselund Castle, located close by the walking path and with views over the white cliffs. Do not miss a walk through the beautiful castle parkland with lakes, the fairytale castle and beech wood forests.

The distance from Copenhagen is approx 150 km mostly motorway or by train and bus.

There is a newly opened visitor’s centre with restaurant and museum.

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