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Eurorando 2016 to Skåne

CliffsKullaberg20130518_132948webWith the close proximity to newly certified Leading Quality Trail Kullaleden, Eurorando 2016 Helsingborg in Sweden and southern district Skåne  was the obvious choice to be the hub for Eurorando 2016.

Eurorando is arranged by European Ramblers’ Association (ERA) and local member organization The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) in close cooperation with Skåne Regional Council and the City of Helsingborg.

Life is enjoyable in Helsingborg. The city center invites Greetings from Helsingborg Ceremonies and evening activities you to many cosy restaurants and cafés, extensive shopping, museums, flowering parks and gardens

Every 5th year Eurorando is organized by a local organiser and European Ramblers´ Association, and attracts around 6,000 participants during the final week. In the pan-European walks prior as many as 65,000 will participate. They all walk towards the final week of Eurorando where participants from all over Europe meet for a week of walking and socializing.

Start walking – and Contact at info at  for assistance with packages and roundtrips!



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