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Dogsledding Adventures in Lapland

image002DogsleddingBeginning of February is the time when the sun is starting to stay up longer, from 09.00 to 17.00 and the snow starting to get firm and settled. We also start to feel that the sun is warming up our day a little bit and we can enjoy longer days. The nights are full of stars and Northern Light. We still have the mountains for ourselves and the nature is showing one of its best faces.
During the tour you can choose to be involved as much as you like to help with everything, take care of our teams together, bring water, cleaning after the dogs, and feed them and so on. The guide cooks all the meals during the tour.

In February the temperature is around -5 to -30 C. Daylight from around 09.00 to 17.00. It’s always something special when the sun go down and we turn on our head torches, it is a lot of fun and an amazing feeling to mush in the stream of light and see all the millions of snow crystals blinking in different colours to you. If the Northern Light is playing in the same time it doesn’t get much better.

7-days tour program:

Arrival day
When you arrive in Lapland, Hemavan airport, you will go by car the last 80 km to Umnäs. The first thing we will do in Umnäs is to go and say hello to the dogs. After that we have dinner at host home or something lighter like sandwich/lunch depending on what time you arrive. We also take a look on what gear and clothes you need to borrow from us. We talk about the tour and how to handle the sled and dogs. We also have a practice time with the sled and the pulling lines. Your first day and night you will stay in a nice, cosy and warm Swedish house with electricity, water, shower and internet connection. The house is warmed up with wood.

Contact us for more information about the remaining 6 days!

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