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Borrow Someone From Malmö

Borrow someone from Malmö – and get their best tips on their favourite spots.
The recruitment of Malmö residents has kicked off and anyone wishing to share their very best tips on Malmö can register their profile on The visitor to the site then matches their interests with the Malmö profiles to find their personal guide to Malmö.
In addition, ‘find your Malmö’ also offers many themed tours in Malmö that take the visitor to both known and unknown parts of the city.

During the summer months, Malmö is a city that never sleeps. Discover the small, fun clubs and bars that are ’hot’ and dance the night away in everything from open skies to packed dance floors.

If you appreciate design and interior furnishing, you can spend a whole day exploring the city’s boutiques offering everything from retro and kitsch to sleek or charming.


Prepare yourself for an active, fun and childlike tour through Malmö that the whole family can enjoy.

From falafel to gourmet. Malmö is a tangleof multicultural and bubbling creative zest. Eat your way around town.


For those of you travelling with your partner. Explore the city hand in hand on a tour taking you from cosy cafes to romantic parks and hot dance floors.

If you do not want to sit still on your holiday – why not paddle, fish or kick a ball on Malmö’s kilometre long beach in the centre of town.

Discover the small boutiques, local designers and fun detours on this tour which takes you beyond the central pedestrian street.
Malmö is also ‘up’ on Sundays and the shops are open all day, ready for those of you wishing to explore the city.
All these tours can be downloaded to your mobile phone from

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