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Attractive Packages From Ecotourism Operators

Nature’s Best is expanding its range of Swedish ecotourism activities. New activities on this occasion include e.g lobster fishing in the Kosterhavet National Park, canoeing through meadows and pastureland, game shooting in northern Dalarna, spending a night in an igloo in Jämtland, experiencing the winter quarters of the brown bear, and walking combined with fine food in Hälsingland.

In recent years we’ve seen how an increasing number of ecotourism operators are offering attractive packages that combine locally-produced food and comfortable accommodation with enjoyable outdoor experiences.
A long walk followed by a soak in hot outdoor tub, dinner and a comfortable bed is one example. A clear, starlit winter night in an igloo with a snowshoe expedition is another. Canoeing in the Svartådalen valley combined with bird watching and eating tasty hamburgers made using meat from naturally-grazing cattle from the local area is a third.

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