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VM housesFor travelers and visitor with interest for architecture, professionally or privately, the Öresundregion offers a lot of places worth paying attention to. The twisted tower in Malmö, The Black Diamond and VM houses in Copenhagen, North Harbor i Helsingborg are all possible to visit during a weekend. Further on I will give some more proposals for a real Architec Travel Tour combined with good food of course.
Architects from all over the world are in competition for transforming the old shipyard in Ellsinore to a Culture Yard. December 9th 2005 an open, international design competition for architects regarding the Culture Yard was announced.

The focus of competition is the stage 1 of the Culture Yard, which includes a new library, a theatre- and concert hall as well as a café, meeting- and conference facilities and a media workshop. Entries to competition are to be submitted no later than the 28th of March 2006. The winner is to be announced before the summer holidays.

DunkersDunkers Culture House in Helsingborg is one of the famous buildings i the North Harbor of Helsingborg just opposite Ellsinor in Denmark. In Helsingborg we have the advantage of sitting in the sunset enjoying the view of the harbor and the Danish coast.

Scandinavian Forum prize for VM. 2005.

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