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Mysterious Sweden?

The Inglehart Values Map visualizes the strong correlation of values in different cultures. Countries are clustered in a way that opens for discussion.
Sweden, this little country in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, known to most people, especially Swedes, as the land where opinions is in the middle. Balanced so to speak. But now Sweden turns out to be extremely different than other countries.
What are we doing in that right corner?

Here my travel begin. Hopefully you will be inspired to join – to taste, sense and experience the mystery and magical secrets of Sweden. My travel begins in the south of Sweden in Skåne and the Öresund region. It is where I live, near the sea in small fishermen settlement 2 hours away from both the capital of Denmark Copenhagen- and Sweden- Stockholm.

Freedom. Last week I put aside my career as MD for the famous publishing company. Now I shall start my own business. Something totally different. I want to find out what Sweden is to others and what we should do in that position we have. What images pops up in your head?

Here are some other interesting links..”When a place gets boring even the rich people leave”
Creative Class, Richard Florida

With Finland, Sweden is an innovative leader within the EU, ranking first among the EU countries. Sweden has above average performance on all EIS indicators.


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