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Activities For Your Autumn Conference

Do you have a host of different interests and desires at your company while visiting Sweden? If so, it can be difficult to decide what sort of activity to organise for your autumn conference. So why not choose one of our combined activities: Kayak, sailing, golf, fishing..

’Kayak-Sailing’: If half the group paddle whilst half the group sail, it makes it easier to paddle to/from a conference out in the archipelago. Our large, stable 51 foot sailing boats are used as the base for sea kayaking. In this way, sea kayaking can also be experienced by those with minimal experience. The sailing boats offer all comforts onboard; luggage storage, lunch, warm base station, WC and, not to mention, a perfect alternative activity for those that do not want to paddle the whole way!

‘Sailing-Golf’: Two perfect client activities arranged on the same day. Both sailing and golf allow great opportunities to strengthen relations with clients and partners in a relaxed and informal atmosphere!

‘Fishing-Sailing’: An activity that puts focus on both team training and individual concentration. Onboard our sailing boats, you sail as one team whilst onboard the fishing boats, focus shifts to an individual level.

More activities around the country here.

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