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Shipwrecked On A Deserted Island

This is an incentive in Stockholm Archipelago with an overnight stay under the stars!

Shipwrecked_Stockholm_IncentiveThe boat let you off at the deserted southern part of the island. The facilitators meet to tell you that the boat that brought you just sunk and you are now shipwrecked at this deserted island. They also collect all your mobile phones and technical communication devices along with all matches and lighters.
They tell you that somewhere – on a nearby beach – some parts of the equipment have floated ashore. All you will need to survive the next 12 hours is to be found there…
But there is one problem.

Find the equipment!

Shipwrecked_Stockholm_Archipelago First you have to find the equipment! And once you have found it, you are not allowed to keep everything. You – as a group– have to come up with a decision on what 15 things you can survive without. And the decision has to be as close to unanimous as possible…

After that, your tasks are, that within a limited amount of time, and according to specific conditions, establish a well functioning Campsite for the whole group. It shall include a kitchen, places to sleep, preferably under roof or in big military tents (which hopefully the group has chosen to keep), a private hygiene site for both men and women, and at last; a well functional environmental recycling station….
And… a 3-course dinner has to be ready within 3 hour.

The food? Has anyone seen the food? What are the big oil barrels for? There is something mysterious about that small island out there? The floating jackets, what are they for? Why is the map so important? Once you have figured those questions out, new arise. How shall do what? And why?

Shipwrecked_Stockholm_IncomingOnce the group’s chefs in the kitchen serve you the dinner, and the entire mission is ready, the task is completed. You enjoy a well-prepared dinner at the cliffs in the sunset and around the campfire while the sun silently sets over the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.

In the evening enjoy each other’s company around a campfire or at the beach. As late night snacks you get different spicy sausages to grill and a beer to go with it.

You spend the night around the campfire in our military tents.

Day 2.

You serve yourselves a strengthening breakfast from the food boxes.

When the facilitators show up the place has to be left, as it was when you arrived. There has to be no traces of your visit in the nature. Everything packed and stored just the way it was when you found it.

After the inspection, we escort you down to the boat, which brings you back to the mainland.

Arrival in the afternoon – departure in the morning

• 20 – 100 persons of all ages.
• Not physically challenging. You chose your own task.

In military tents with a wood fired stove.
Cottages available for persons with a need for that. Pre-booking required.


Contact Travel Gate Sweden for more information and booking.

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