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Biking in Skåne – grand tour

Itinerary – Tour ideas, scroll down!

General tour idea:
Day 1. Arrival and reception. Get your bike and maps. Overnight stay in a city first class hotel.
Day 2-10. Biking on your own between comfort hotels, castles and enjoy great food at arrival to the hotel. Four different trails in Skåne (totally 400 kilometres), south, north, east and west.
Packages includes, overnight stay in comfortable hotels, private WC/shower, dinners as described, rental bike, reception at arrival for information.

Accommodations:First class hotels, castles and historical inns.
Links below goes to official road office maps. When you book a package a printed detailed map for recommended biking trails will be included.
Pictures from different areas could be found on choose the categories to the right.

6 days The south west /east coast tour (train back to Helsingborg).
This tour will take you alongside the coastline, near sandy beaches and to the rural countryside with forests, ridges, castles and small villages. The tour will end in Simrishamn at the east coast also known as the Provence district of Sweden. From here you can take the train (with bikes) back to Helsingborg and start a new tour

Day 1. Get your bike and maps in Helsingborg, 2 overnight stay.
Day 2. Helsingborg –– Lund – 60 km
Day 3. Lund – Sjöbo – 41 km
Day 4. Sjöbo – Brösarp – 35 km
Day 5. Brösarp – Simrishamn – 25 km, train back to Helsingborg
Day 6. Departure
Incl. 5 x overnight stay in double rooms, breakfasts, 5 dinners, rental bike, maps.
Ref. No for this tour: 7461

6 – Days The East coast tour (train back to Malmö from Kristianstad)
Day 1. Arrival at Malmö, check in to city hotel. Visit Copenhagen.
Day 2. Pick up your bike in Malmö, to Simrishamn by train
Day 3. Simrishamn – Brösarp – 25 km
Day 4. Brösarp – Åhus – 30 km
Day 5. Åhus – Kristianstad 15 km train back to Malmö and city hotel.

Day 6. After breakfast visit Malmö before going home!

5 days The Northwest tour around Kullen and Bjäre peninsulas

The northwest tour takes you to Kullen peninsula and to the next peninsula Bjäre with the charming fishing villages Torekov and Båstad. From Båstad you take the train back to Helsingborg.

Day 1. Arrival and check in your luggage at hotel in Helsingborg.
Helsingborg– Mölle/Arild – 30 km
Day 2. Mölle – Ängelholm, -20 km
Day 3. Ängelholm Torekov, 25 km
Day 4. Torekov – Båstad 15 km – from here train back to Helsingborg.
Day 5. Departureners, rental bike. Ref. No 7463.

Optional itineraries for 3-nights in the same hotel and day trips:

The southeast Skåne: Stay at the same hotel and bring your luggage with you.
Take the train from Malmö or Helsingborg to Simrishamn and the east coast.
Stay 3 nights, get maps and tour ideas, 3 overnight stay in a double room, breakfasts and one 3-course dinner.

Northwest Skåne: Take the train back to Helsingborg and stay 3 nights in Helsingborg. From here you could take day tours to Mölle and Kullaberg Peninsula, Denmark and the seaside resorts cross Öresund and the island of Ven.
Transportation of luggage or transfers (train, buses etc) could be arranged. However with the itineraries suggested you could leave your luggage at the first hotel and just bring with you what you need for a couple of days.

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