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Wallander Culinary Mystery Tour

Svarte “A series of gruesome murders takes place, painted on the dark, forbidding canvas of the southern Swedish landscape. Once again, Wallander is overworked and under pressure, and when a colleague is shot dead, the threat becomes uncomfortably personal.
“Reviewer at Amazon, Kurt Wallander Mystery”

3-day round trip with a culianary experience

The fall and early winter is the ideal period to travel in the footsteps of Wallander. Most tourists are gone and the weather will create the appropriate scenes and atmosphere for you. The warm and familiar atmosphere at the hotel, known from the books, will tuck you in after an exciting day.As a bonus you will experience a region of Sweden with a breathtaking nature, exciting culture sites, picturesque villages with old inns and comfortable hotels with great food. This southeast corner of Skåne is a composition of life quality. Drive on and enjoy.

Package includes:
2 overnight stay in double room, WC/shower
2 breakfasts
1-3-course dinner

Combinations with Copenhagen, Stockholm and more.

Day 1.
Drive along the country roads to the small town of Ystad, the centre of the plot, where the police detective Kurt Wallander has his office. Malmö – Ystad approx 70 kilometres
On your way to Ystad you can visit the mysterious sites described in the books e.g.:
-The Castle ruins of Stjänsund where Wallander goes when he wants to be alone.
-Town of Skurup where the first victim in Before the Frost lived. Buy a cake at the bakery where Luise Åkerblom made her last purchase in The White Lioness.
-Lenarp, a fiction village where the killings of the old farming couple took place in “Faceless Killers. In Sidetracked Dolores Maria Santana burned herself to death.
-Krageholm Lake, where in The Fifth Woman, Eugen Bomberg was found drowned.
-Mossbystrand where to people were found dead on a raft on this beach in The Dogs of Riga.
-Nybrostrand, the beach where in One step behind the bride and groom as well as their wedding photographer were killed.

Take a walk in the footsteps of Detective Wallander in the small alleys of Ystad. Here you will find the Mariagatan, the hotel, pizzeria, café and police station and all the other sites known from the books of Henning Mankell. Visit the studio where Wallander films are being made. Here you will have a guided tour and experience some of the authentic Wallander film sceneries. Also you will be guided behind the cameras of “Frostbite” – (not a Wallander, but still very popular Vampire movie) and “Mastermind”

After the Wallander city tour in Ystad drive on to Löderup approx 15 kilometres, and the east coast of Skåne, Österlen. The landscape is stunning with woods, hills and one of the best beaches in Sweden, Sandhammaren. Exciting all year round – just different. Check in to your hotel Karlaby Kro, first class countryside hotel with reputation for their gastronomic skill.
Day 2. Take a break at one of the small country cafés, lunch in the harbour of a small fishermen settlement along the coast.

You will find several of the sites in the Wallander books and movies just “round the corner” e.g.
-Ystad Sandskog where the trees were planted on the advice of Linneus to prevent the sand to take over. Here the former minister of justice, Gustaf Wetterstedt lived and was killed in Sidetracked.
-Kåseberga where Sten Tidén picked up Wallander in their hunt of Mabasha in The White Lioness.
-Valleberga church where the thrilling unravelling in Before the Frost takes place.
– Löderup where the father of Wallander lived in a typically Skåne whitewash long, low farmhouse.

Have dinner in Ystad or at your hotel:
Dinner suggestion 1: Restaurant Steakhouse Bryggeriet. A pair of enormous copper boilers tower at the centre of the floor creates a rather unique interior atmosphere. The half-timbered building dated back to mid 17th century is transformed into a traditional Steakhouse while the brewery continues to maintain its old tradition of brewing beer, ”Ystad Fresh Beer” being one of its most well known beers. The Steakhouse/Brewery is the only one of its kind in all of Skåne.

Dinner suggestion 2: Restaurant “Store Thor”, which occupies a series of vaulted cellars that were built as part of a monastery in the 1500s. Store ThorSeveral hundred years later, the Rådhus (Town Hall) was reconstructed after a disastrous fire above the monastery’s cellars. Today, amid small tables and romantic candlelight will give you a warm
Day 3.
After breakfast, drive back to Malmö, If you are in the mood for more Wallander, take a Sidetrack to Sjöbo and Vollsjö, where the killer Fyledalenin the Fifth Women had a big baking oven. A beautiful country road along the Valley “Fyledalen” will take you there. The valley attracts birdwatchers from all Europe – you can among other birds of prey study Golden Eagle all year round and White-tailed Eagle in winter. Before returning to Malmö, take a lunch break in one of the old inns alongside the road or stop for a city break in Malmö.

Additional 20 kilometres with a side tracker to Sjöbo.

Link Fresh Beer Brewery – History of Kent

Link to Continental hotel Ystad

Link to images of Ale Stenar, Sweden Stonhenge

Continental Entré*Alternative Wallander hotel: Hotel Continental in Ystad is Sweden´s oldest hotel. It opened its doors already in 1829 conveniently located right in the middle of the town centre. All guest rooms and conference rooms have been completely renovated during 2002 – 2005.

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