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Culinary Countryside Tours

Tour Idea:
Pick up/drop rental car in Malmö city or at the airport (Copenhagen or Sturup/Malmö).
Day 1
Drive towards the centre of Skåne and the Lake Ringsjön where you check in to Ringsjö Inn (Wärdshus). Drive from Malmö approx 50 km. This typical charming inn stands in some of Skåne’s most beautiful scenery on the shores of Ringsjö Lake. Entrance of Ringsjö Wärdshus Before dinner you can take a walk to the castle of the Bosjökloster. It is a pearl, the white convent on the peninsula between the two lakes, shimmering in the sun during autumn’s clear days.

Your overnight stay includes nights stay, a three-course meal in the evening at arrival day, double room, and breakfast.

Day 2 After breakfast you continue north east and cross the landscape of the Tomard Garden HotelLinderöds ridge, pass the city of Kristianstad and head towards the Lake of Råbelöv and the very special Garden Hotel Tomarp (Tomarps Gårdshotell). Drive from Ringsjö Lake approx 65 km. The small hotel surrounded by orchards, willows and beech woods has an interesting history starting in 1840ths In the neighbourhood there are beautiful sightseeing trips to explore.
Add an equestrian excursion or take an evening sauna. Follow the candles to the raft floating on the lake. Afterwards you may cool of with a bath in the lake.
Your overnight stay includes three nights stay, a three-course meal in the evening at arrival day, double room, and breakfasts.

Day 3
After breakfast turn south again a follow the beautiful country roads to Österlen, a rural region rich of culinary experiences. The hilly nature provides beautiful sceneries where the blue sky meets the Baltic Sea. The open landscape and proximity of the sea create a special light – a light that has always attracted artists and writers here. Everywhere you will find the artisans and antique shops as well as culinary products of local farmers. The road to Karlaby Kro runs through the Österlen landscape. Drive from Tomarp approx 100 km. After passing villages with names like Baskemölla and Gladsax, you turn off at a small gravelled road to Tommarp. There, set among fields and arable land, karlaby Room bedyou will find the hotel and restaurant Karlaby Kro. The house itself is a whitewashed Skåne manor with a straw roof, and it was originally built in the beginning of the 19th century. Close by, in the orangery, is our indoor pool.
Your overnight stay includes one over night stay, a three-course meal in the evening at arrival day, double room, and breakfast. Activities suggestions: Massage, SPA-treatment, riding, golf..

Day 4 After breakfast drive through the rural landscape and back to Malmö(Sturup) or Copenhagen Airport. Approx 110 km.


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