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Viking Event in Stockholm

You arrive at Skeppsdals port and enter the boat for a short trip across the bay.
Upon arrival to island the Viking-chief will meet and escort us to Base Camp. At Base Camp we unload our luggage and enjoy a delicious Swedish-style sandwich toped with herring, crème fraiche and red onion. Here we will also receive introductory information.

We are divided into smaller teams, about 10 – 12 people/team, and each team is assigned a “Viking-leader”. All activities during the Treasure Hunt are designed to make sure that everyone will be able to participate, regardless of age or physical ability. The purpose is for everyone to be involved. The entire Treasure Hunt will be in English.

To get warmed-up and get in the right frame of mind, we will start with some icebreakers.

After icebreakers, the old Viking-legend of the hidden treasure will be read to all the teams. Each team will receive a map, on which one can find the locations of all the different stations. Together with the map, the teams will receive a task-sheet that is to be completed between the stations. The task-sheet includes riddles and problems related to the Stockholm archipelago, rope knots, and collecting various pieces of nature typical of the archipelago. The stations and the task-sheet make up Part 1 of the Treasure Hunt.

Before heading out to the first station, the teams will have the opportunity to select a number of “skill-cards”. These “skill-cards” can later be used at the various stations when solving the problems.

Part 1: The teams will visit each station in a prearranged order. If the team successfully completes the problem at any given station within the time limit, the team will receive a “clue” to where the treasure is hidden. The more stations the team successfully completes, the more clues the team receives, which of course makes it easier to find the treasure.
Suggested stations are:

• Cleaning of herring
• Water shortage
• Camp Challenge – assembling a tent
• M.A.S.H. field hospital – various first aid challenges
• The navigation challenge
• Survival in the archipelago

During the day lunch will be served in our camp and consist of 1- course with coffee

Part 2: After all stations are completed, the teams return to Base Camp to hand in their task-sheets. If the task-sheet is completed to satisfaction, the team will receive another clue. Teams that have not earned all the clues available, and would like to “earn” some more clues, can do so by completing tasks that are suggested to them by the Treasure Hunt leaders.

Now the “Treasure Hunt” starts and the teams will head out in search of the hidden treasure. The team who finds the treasure will be named the winners. If two teams find the treasure at the same time a tie-breaking duel will be arranged.
Dinner will be served by the big campfire in one of the tepees and will consist of:
Smoked salmon with a Dijon mustard salad.
Honey marinated filet of beef, which is grilled on an open fire, served with potatoes, wild mushroom sauce and a mixed salad.
Cheesecake with warm berries
Beer will be served with the appetiser and half a bottle of red wine will be served with the main course (coffee after dinner)

An alternative main course in Viking Style, is grilled lamb with baked potatoes, salad and various sauces.

During the dinner there will be a Treasure Hunt ceremony, where participation certificates will be given out.

During the closing ceremonies at the campfire, men’s singing can be heard from the depths of the forest. Out from the forests come these wild Vikings with torches in their hands, singing traditional Swedish pillaging songs. After a short concert, the Vikings capture the guests and take them down to the dock where a boat is waiting to bring them back to civilization.
Arrival in the morning – departure in the evening after dinner at around 9 – 10 p.m.

• 60 – 150 persons of all ages.
• Not physically challenging. You chose your own task.

Leisure style outdoor clothing and raincoat if the weather calls for it.
Bathing clothes and towel – there are some beautiful spots for swimming at the island.

PRICE: Contact Travel Gate Sweden for prices and booking.

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