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Fishing Tours In Stockholm

Fishing tours in Stockholm

Fishing is a perfect activity for team building, a superb customer activity, an alternative to the more traditional conference. Invite your best customers for a day in the archipelago or arrange a fishing competition. End the day at a nice restaurant and after dinner we drive you home again. We can offer different themes depending on your interest and group profile:

City fishing – You do not have to go far to be able to fish very near to down town Stockholm. Perfect when you do not have much time!

“After Work Fishing” – Our most popular arrangement. During the summer season the days are longer. The fishing is better in late afternoon and evening. Work nearly a full day, go fishing for a couple of hours. Sauna and dinner will be the perfect completion.
Family fishing – Take your son or daughter out for a lovely day together at sea. A unforgettable day, a mini vacation!

Fishing in the summer – warm, nice and comfortable. Enjoy the archipelago and its absolute beauty. Maybe a lunch on board or a grill dinner on the  beach? We fish for zander, pearch and pike.

“Drop In” Fishing – meet new friends

A different way to go out on a guided fishing tour. The first Sunday in every month. We go out if we have three people signed up. Starting at 9 am in Vaxholm (45 minutes north of Stockholm) and we ending around 5 pm.


Polar 2700 CC – also a large fishing boat which takes up to 7 people fishing, 8 persons for boating only. A bit more then 9 meters and 3,2 meters wide. Very comfortable and spacey. 300 horse-power, safe, quiet, toilette on board.

Sea Pro 24 – takes up to 5 people fishing, 8 people for boating. Perfect to get very close to where you want to fish, extreme large spaces to fish from. Perfect for fly fishing. 7,21*2,69 meters, The boat has a 4-stroke engine with 225 horse-power, which makes almost no sound at all. While fishing, we use our electrical engine.

Fishing from boat:
January: Sea Trout and Pike
February: Sea Trout and Pike
March: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
April: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
May: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
June: Pike and Pike perch
July: Pike and Perch
August: Pike and Perch
September: Perch and Pike
October: Pike, Sea Trout and Pike perch
November: Sea Trout and Pike
December: Sea Trout and Pike

Fish all year around as long as the waters are open. We fish Pike, Perch and Sea Trout when the water are under 11 degrees.

The methods you can choose between is, Spinn or Fly Fishing from boats, where spinn fishing are more for the larger groups. We adjust to the guests own level of experience. We put a lot of effort in to have top quality equipment and the latest techniques there is on the market.

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