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Fishing Tours In Stockholm

Fishing tours in Stockholm

Fishing is a perfect activity for team building, a superb customer activity, an alternative to the more traditional conference. Invite your best customers for a day in the archipelago or arrange a fishing competition. End the day at a nice restaurant and after dinner we drive you home again. We can offer different themes depending on your interest and group profile:

City fishing – You do not have to go far to be able to fish very near to down town Stockholm. Perfect when you do not have much time!

“After Work Fishing” – Our most popular arrangement. During the summer season the days are longer. The fishing is better in late afternoon and evening. Work nearly a full day, go fishing for a couple of hours. Sauna and dinner will be the perfect completion.
Family fishing – Take your son or daughter out for a lovely day together at sea. A unforgettable day, a mini vacation!

Fishing in the summer – warm, nice and comfortable. Enjoy the archipelago and its absolute beauty. Maybe a lunch on board or a grill dinner on the  beach? We fish for zander, pearch and pike.

“Drop In” Fishing – meet new friends

A different way to go out on a guided fishing tour. The first Sunday in every month. We go out if we have three people signed up. Starting at 9 am in Vaxholm (45 minutes north of Stockholm) and we ending around 5 pm.


Fishing 320 Open Nearly 11 meters long, 3,5 tonnes and 700 horsepower. Takes up to 7 people fishing, 12 people for boating only. It takes our guests, in a very comfortable and safe way, through the archipelago to all our favourite spots. Toilet on board.

Polar 2700 CC – also a large fishing boat which takes up to 7 people fishing, 8 persons for boating only. A bit more then 9 meters and 3,2 meters wide. Very comfortable and spacey. 300 horse-power, safe, quiet, toilette on board.

Sea Pro 24 – takes up to 5 people fishing, 8 people for boating. Perfect to get very close to where you want to fish, extreme large spaces to fish from. Perfect for fly fishing. 7,21*2,69 meters, The boat has a 4-stroke engine with 225 horse-power, which makes almost no sound at all. While fishing, we use our electrical engine.

Fishing from boat:
January: Sea Trout and Pike
February: Sea Trout and Pike
March: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
April: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
May: Sea Trout, Pike perch and Pike
June: Pike and Pike perch
July: Pike and Perch
August: Pike and Perch
September: Perch and Pike
October: Pike, Sea Trout and Pike perch
November: Sea Trout and Pike
December: Sea Trout and Pike

Methods Boat Fishing:
Ordinary spin fishing with rods and open reels
Jerk Bait fishing with shorter rods
Jig & Drop Shot fishing
Fly Fishing for Sea Trout, Perch and Pike Class 7/8 Rods and 9/10

ICE Fishing:
There are three fishes that we target during winter period from the ice:
Pike, Perch and Pike perch (Zander)

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