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Climbing In The Archipelago

RIB_Incentive_StockholmFast RIB Boats picks you up in the centre of Stockholm. They take you out in the archipelago in speeds around 45 knots. On your way out from Stockholm you will have a nice view of the beautiful surroundings.
Everyone gets a survival suite, helmets and glasses, if you don’t bring your own.

ViaStockholmYou arrive at the climbing island located in the middle of a beautiful bay. The guides meet the group and together you start preparing for the adventure.

Our Outdoor Lunch is served before or during the climbing adventure depending on arrival time.

Via Ferrata – Tyrolean Travers – Repelling
This is the most spectacular activity in the Stockholm Archipelago!
“Via Ferrata” origins from Italy and is a technique that creates possibilities for all climbers (beginners to advanced) to enjoy the high mountains. We brought the idea to Sweden and our beautiful archipelago.
You start the adventure here.
Climbing_Archipelago_Stockholm Once up on the top of the island mountain, you’ll be secured by the guides into our Tyrolean Traverse – Then take the leap from 30 meters and go on a secure zip-line above the water over to the next top!
Here you start the final descending: Repel down a 35 m high clip right down to the surface of the water where a boat lands you.

With our licensed mountain guides you will be a part of an exciting expedition. The atmosphere is calm and caring in order to give even the frightened ones a chance to try and grow. The activity requires no previous knowledge and no physical condition, which makes this activity possible for all kinds of groups.

A boat picks you up at the climbing island and brings you to the Adventure Island.
Dinner is served in the Base Camp by our chef de cuisine outside or in the Tee Pee.
Hot Tubs & Sauna by the Sea
Relax_Incentive_Activities After dinner you may enjoy a traditional Swedish sauna situated on a small beach where you can enjoy a swim when the sun is slowly setting in the light Swedish summer night.
We can also offer hot bath tubs heated with fire wood where you enjoy a bath in the light of pitch torches and candle lights hanging from the trees.
It is magical moment that will stay with you as a memorable moment for a long, long time.
After the bath you can gather around one of our campfires and enjoy each others company in that relaxed way that is so special for our island.

Departure When the sun sets, we escort you down to the dock were the boat is waiting to take you back to civilization.

Groups 10 – 40 person’s takes a half-day for the climbing.
Over 40 persons and with RIB boats – it is a full day program

• Persons of all ages.
• Groups who have “done it all”.
• Not physically challenging. The guides are very coaching. Everyone gets the time necessary in order to accomplish his or her goals.

Leisure style outdoor clothing and raincoat if the weather calls for it.
Shoes with rubber sole.
Bathing clothes and towel – there are some beautiful spots for swimming at the island.

PRICE: Contact Travel Gate Sweden for prices and booking!

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