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What’s On In Uppsala

If you have some more days in Stockholm to spend this autumn you should pay a visit to Uppsala approx 70 km north from Stockholm city, 35 minutes by train from Stockholm. Here is a list for Events and concerts.

September 4-5, Formula Offroad Nordic Cup
Formula Offroad is an extreme and daring motor sport with terrain driving, rollovers, and high jumps. Come see the cars and their drivers challenge the laws of gravity!
Place: Björklinge.

September 11, Culture Night in Uppsala
Uppsala’s largest cultural manifestation, to be arranged for the 22nd year. Hundreds of activities for children, young people and adults in Uppsala from mid-day all through the night. Art, music, literature, dancing, theater, performance art, films, and more. The choices are endless and there is something for everyone.
Place: Uppsala.

September 21, Monsieur Lambert & Le Bebert Orchestra
Meet the Canadian accordion player and singer Yves Lambert from La Bottine Souriante and his new group Le Bébert Orchestra.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

September 22, Brus (Roar)
The important is not always what is seen or heard the most. Often hidden in the roar is the new and original, the fascinating and something well worth being given attention and listen to. Brus is Uppsala Concert & Congress program for experimental music over the boundaries.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

September 23, Pianopoesi och romantik
Romantic 200-year anniversary with the Uppsala Chamber Orchestra. Conductor Paul Mägi, piano soloist Ivari Ilja. Musik i Uppland’s fall season begins with an evening filled with poetry and romance. Not least celebrated 200th anniversary of Chopin.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

September 24, Dobet Gnahore Konsert
Acoustic magic from the Ivory Coast. Best Urban / Alternative Performance Grammy Awards Winner 2010.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

September 25, Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert
A golden opportunity for Ellington fans and all fans of big bands and choirs.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

September 30 to October 2, Ordsprak (Sayings)
Uppsala’s international poetry festival. Guest poets from many countries as the US, South Africa, the UK, Croatia, Norway, and Denmark,
joining Sweden’s and Uppsala’s poets and up-and-coming rookies.
Place: Regina Theatre.

September 30, Duke Robillard & Erja Lyytinen
Blues Night!
Place: Katalin And All That Jazz, Uppsala

October 1, Hindi Zahra
Hindi Zahra, influenced by different genres as vocal jazz, acoustic pop, modern soul and blues. Sometimes reminiscent of Billie Holliday, John Lennon or Manu Chao.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

October 1-3, Student Orchestra Festival
STORK 2010 is a student orchestra festival that. The festival has about 800 participants and student orchestras from all over Sweden. Concerts are taking place in various premises in the evenings and on the streets of Uppsala during the day.
Place: Uppsala City

October 2, Adnan Karim
Traditional Kurdish music.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

October 6, RJD2
Ramble John “RJ” Krohn started his career back home in Ohio, USA. He is a cult artist in the world of skateboarding. A mix of hip-hop, soul and pop.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

October 13-16, Uppsala International Guitar Festival
Artists from all genres and eight different countries converge in Uppsala to present you with the utmost in musical experiences, special knowledge through workshops and seminars, and the chance to be part of a unique meeting place for everyone who loves guitars or just loves music.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

October 25-31, Uppsala International Short Film Festival
The year’s biggest short film event in Sweden. For seven days, short films are the focus of viewings, discussions, and get-togethers.
Place: Movie theatres in Uppsala.

October 31 – November 28 Festival of lights (Allt ljus på Uppsala)
Allt ljus på Uppsala, a festival and exhibition created to provide beauty, joy and security in Uppsala city centre during one of the darkest months of the year. This year’s festival of lights invites you to a 3 km long walk in Uppsala. Along the way you will pass 15 sites, well-known buildings, parks, street environments and river banks colored and lit with great imagination and creativity.

November 4-7, Uppsala International Sacred Music Festival
A music festival devoted to spiritual music and music’s spirituality. The festival embraces music from all cultures, religions, and times. Concerts, seminars, workshops, and film viewings.
Place: Uppsala Concert & Congress.

November 4-7, Uppsala Pride Festival
The program consists of music, theater, dance, film, debates, workshops, and an evening party with many artists.
Place: Uppsala.

November 27-28 2010, Uppsala Christmas Market
Charming Christmas atmosphere in and around St. Eriks torg (square). Christmas shopping in the downtown area, with entertainment and stands on streets and squares. On Sunday, the market will end with a splendid show of firesworks in the Botanical Garden, sponsored by the local Uppsala newspaper, UNT.
Place: Uppsala.

December, OD Caprice
Concert with famous men’s choir from Uppsala, who are joined every year by secrets guests at their “Caprice.” Founded in 1853, the choir has always been a torchbearer of great Swedish choral tradition but also actively searches for new ways for male-voice choirs to find their musical expression. Who the secret guest or guests are is only revealed during the performance. Conductor: Cecilia Rydinger-Alin.
Place: University auditorium, University Hall.

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