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Offroad Jeep Safari

The Jeep Camp located in the forest, only 30 minutes from Stockholm offers offroad driving with Land Rover 109 Series III from the British Army.

You will learn the basics of offroad driving under supervision of qualified instructors, you will drive the Land Rovers on challenging tracks in exciting surroundings on the huge premises and you will really get a chance to enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature.

Offroading as passengers in 3 – 4 specially equipped Land Rover Defenders on difficult tracks throughout the premises. Each vehicle can take 4 passengers thus a group of 12-16 people can be entertained.

If lucky, you may meet an elk, a deer, a wild boar or the lynx. No doubt you will meet Seppo, who is the rugged man who owns the land and who also knows all the animals. He is a devoted offroad driver himself.

Light version, 8-25 people, 1,5 hours on the tracks.
Experience and learn the real thing, 3 hours on the tracks.
Distance from Stockholm, approx 30 minutes, south.

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