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Made by Sweden With Zlatan from Malmö

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Zlatan, the famous football player is a Swedish citizen from Malmö. Now you can book tours for groups and visit the area where he grew up and became one of the best in the world. Watch the promotion film for Volvo with Zlata Ibrahimovich – just released and a buzz..

Other tour ideas: What do you say to the idea of visiting locations from the TV series “The Bridge”. You’re sure to find a theme to suit your taste among the wide range of guided tours on offer in Malmö with themes such as the Western Harbour, organic/fairtrade shopping, roof gardens, spices, Wild Malmö and more. Also, you should combine your stay with a visit to Copenhagen, only 15 minutes away.

Start the day at Malmö Museums which are in and around Malmöhus Castle. The  oldest preserved Renaissance castle in the Nordic countries is located right in the middle of the Castle Park. You probably know that Malmö’s landmark the Turning Torso stands as a mighty exclamation mark in the middle of the area.Did you know that the aim of the entire Western Harbour is to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly
community, or that Malmö is among the best in the world when it comes to working with these issues!

Join a guided tour of Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden, one of the world’s largest publicly-accessible green roof gardens. This is a rewarding experience of anyone who is interested in urban gardening and green roofs. This botanical garden – consisting of 9,500 m2 of vegetated roofs, weighed down with sedums and mosses – is right in the middle of a residential area in the southern part of Malmö.

Katrinetorps Mansion is a beautiful farm from the 19th century. Set in peaceful grounds, not far from the city, it has a rose garden, English park and kitchen garden. It is located near the bridge to Copenhagen.


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