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Dining in Stockholm at the restaurant Oaxen Solos will be a weekly event at the bistro Oaxen Slip. You arrive on your own but sit with people who are in the same situation. When you make your reservation you simply choose what time you’d like to arrive and when you turn up you can just relax, enjoy the food, drink and the great new company! “Oaxen Slip is an informal meeting place that is open to all kinds of guests, this is why we chose to launch SOLO there, welcoming all solo-eaters”, the owner Agneta tells us.

The innovative restaurant also has a passion for sustainable living. “Sustainability is something that runs throughout our organization. You will find it from the building and its furnishings to the food and drinks we serve. With the solo concept, they also lift the social perspective.”
Oaxen Krog & Slip is situated on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm. Oaxen is actually two restaurants: The “Slip”, a casual Swedish bistro, and the “Krog” where you can experience fine dining. Both restaurants have a clear focus on Swedish, locally sourced and seasonal flavours. As well as the two restaurants there is “The Club Room”, for private dinners and meetings and also hotel-boat Prince van Orangiën, allowing you to spend the night at one of Stockholm’s most charming hotels which just so happens to be a prestigious Dutch vessel from the 1930s.

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