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Race Car Incentive Activities

Contact Travel Gate Sweden to organize exclusive race car  incentive activities around Sweden.  For this race there is sufficient capacity to receive around 100 people per day. The following is an example of a day on a race track, taking approx 5-6 hours:

1. Safety Driving: At this station you will do driving exercises in sport cars, exposing the cars to a maximum by braking suddenly
and manouvering around a set track with different challenges. The exercises provide a sense of how a car reacts in vulnerable
situations in ways that you cannot take part of in normal highway driving.
2.Technique driving: Here you will be driving through a serpentine track. This station is a preparation for the  competition. You
will be instructed on the techniques needed to become the fastest driver during the day.
3.Competition: You will be upgraded to faster sport cars, which you will race on time on a track with various difficulties. The
drivers compete against each other and the winner will be whoever comes through the line flawlessly (no hit cones) and with the
fastest time.
4. Co Driver: Get ready for a real adrenaline rush! We will seat you beside a professional race track driver in one of our Porsche
GT3 Cup cars. He will take you for a couple of laps on the track, well fastened in the passenger´s seat. The cars slow down from
200 km to 100 km in 1 second, with a G force of 1.5 g. The G force when taking a corner is close to 2 G. We reach speeds of 280
km / h in the curves. You will be equipped with Westlife’s suit, helmet and gloves.
The program is designed to set time aside for you to be able to profile internally. We have our own cook and a catered delicious
lunch which will be served after the technique driving. If you have brought your own car you will be given the opportunity to test it
on the track. Of course, we can also assist in booking nearby hotel or conference center, if you want to implement a 2-day event.
We are flexible and tailor the event according to your wishes.

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